Student Body Armor

Gun lobbyists like the NRA believe that more guns in the hands of more people in more places will make us safer, and their political agenda now includes a push to allow concealed guns in previously unthinkable places: public schools and universities. We teamed up with Cocks Not Glocks to launch a stunt that questions the idea of a world run rampant with guns by showcasing the implications of it. Greg Nance - ACD/Writer Berto Santana - ACD/Art Director Gabriel Schmitt - GCD Ari Halper - CCO

Case study video:
We pasted wild postings to push interest to our pop-up store, which was located just steps away from the college's official apparel store.
Each T-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie came with custom labels and tags:
Our webstore drove interested customers to take action by calling their representative.
The campaign got some attention from the press:
And then celebrities started spreading the word:
Even Breitbart had something to say about it:
Shortly after Student Body Armor launched, the state of Georgia joined the unfortunate club of states with campus carry laws. So we "recut" our commercial, customized especially for Georgia students:
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