To tease the scavenger hunt, we posted a tiny puzzle:
And then the solution, which was also the bait: 
To launch, we held a livestream from inside the tiny home. When it was time to start hunting, we posted instructions and dropped our first clue.
The first clue was a puzzle, which led to a post, which led to an influencer, who gave another clue, which led to another post, which revealed a secret letter. Like so: 
Then we posted five more puzzles, which led to five more secret letters.
The six secret letters combined like Voltron to form the password, K-L-I-M-A-T, which our hunters needed to enter to win this beauty:
Finally we posted (really) tiny reminders to keep our hunters motivated:
The best part? We brought a fun and much needed distraction to so many who were experiencing pandemic fatigue. Plus we transformed IKEA's follower comments from 😡🤬🥵 (due to supply chain issues) to 😍🥰😘. No, really: 
Oh, and we got some nice buzz, too:
Role: Writer, Associate Creative Director
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